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 Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos today  taking a knee for injustice during the Star Spangled Banner

 Following Colin Kaepernick simple sitting  Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos today  taking a knee for injustice during the Star Spangled Banner  of the Thursday night football game.

The Broncos wide receiver drew fast reactions around Social media, both for and against.

Here are some excerpts below.

kudos to the Broncos organization, who released a statement saying they understand this is a personal issue and they take no issue with it.

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As soon as the song ended, the camera immediately zoomed on the back of his jersey. His number and name took up the entire shot. The producer wanted there to be no question who was responsible for what he or she perceived to be "misbehavior". The commentator did a roll call of those that stood Vs thos who kneeled.

Trust the owners and suits in the front offices see this as misbehavior not civil rights.

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 Strong Endorsement  And Retort To Some That That 

      Were against


Stephanie Todd I think the reasons for protesting the national anthem have been made abundantly clear many times. But, sure, if that's what you're hung up on, we can go over it again here. 


First, there are many people in this country who are not afforded the rights guaranteed to them as Americans (you can disagree here if you want but I would caution you against trying to tell people of color what their experience is). The anthem/flag/pledge/etc. are all symbols of that country and therefore represent an opportunity to make a peaceful and symbolic statement about the injustice happening (I assume you understand symbolism and I don't need to explain why choosing these symbols would be important as opposed to picking some random venue/platform for their protest). 


Second, this platform has generated a lot of interest for a number of reasons (football is the most watched sport in the world, football players have a celebrity status in this country, patriotism is a strong American value, the flag/anthem/pledge are somewhat fetishized, etc.). Thus, by choosing this particular form of protest, Kaepernick has generated a lot if interest and discussion in this issue. This very conversation is proof of that. 


You don't have to like it or agree, and you are welcome to voice your dissent (although I would encourage you to do so more respectfully). But, this is the platform he has chosen, and it is his right to so do. To use ad hominem attacks (calling someone disrespectful or unpatriotic) is merely an attempt to distract us from the real issue at hand- the systematic racism plaguing this country. So, I do hope in the future that you will make a sincere attempt to educate yourself and engage in respectful and open-minded dialogue, but I think enough time has been wasted on this red herring argument.

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There Typical excuses

All while the death toll rises in Chicago. This sitting out or kneeling will not fix the issues they are protesting about. Why is that? Its because the police are not the problem. So y'all keep supporting something that is not happening. All while police keep fighting to keep everyone safe. The gang bangers keep killing people. 10 people shot the first day of labor day weekend in Chicago. The police I'm sure made thousands of contacts with people and no one was reported to be shot or hurt. But 10 people shot in one city in one night and not one NFL player sitting out on the National Anthem had a thing to say about it. But, y'all keep on strong with that foolishness.

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counter argument

 Nick Jose could we just consider that MAYBE we haven't heard about any recent shooting of INNOCENT black men, women or children by the police over the last few weeks/months is due to the protests (not just Kap) and the DOJ going into some of the cities citing the wrongs in the police departments. MAYBE the protests have brought some things out into the open and are starting to be addressed. Just my thoughts, but MAYBE?.

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Today about our frustration with people who don't understand this, talking about how disappointing and discouraging it is to hear people criticizing this important protest. But we also had to remind ourselves of how kaepernick jerseys are selling and there are others joining the protest. We may not get everyone all at once but we are making progress. There is reason to be hopeful. One at a time is better than none.



I admire the courage to take a knee It's about time we all start standing…well, maybe kneeling down for what needs to change . Staying silent doesn't do any of us good.




I love how athletes everywhere are using their platform, no matter how big or small, to generate conversation to promote change! It's 



Another Counter Point of View


You my friend, are stupid. If you want to make a change, start by making a change. Let's start by acknowledging Americas crooked history and unjust ways by kneeling. What a change right? 


The American flag is clothe. The American flag doesn't respect anyone. Start respecting the people, start standing up to what America is supposed to be, start treating everyone fair. For God sake, acknowledge the reason why people are protesting and stop choosing to stay fn ignorant. 


You know, America has the biggest gang of thugs.. They wear blue, and a flag on their uniform. Aren't you happy enough?


Another Punch Line

 you can only disagree because what he's taking a knee in protest for in no way affects you that's why you subconsciously can't agree#WHITEPRIVALAGEATITSBEST!!


  Another Rebuttal To A Counter Point

Sorry you feel that way. I teach my children that they are not to be blind sheep following a flock. They are to use their brains and exercise their own judgement as far as what is right and what is wrong. But feel free Angelica to keep teaching YOUR children to be followers even when the cause you have them supporting is hypocritical in every way


                              A Point not Supporting The Kneeling

Takes courage to disrespect the flag? Takes more courage to actually do something than to do nothing but take a knee. How about using half of the millions you earn to provide food to hungry kids? To pay for their education so that they can get out of poverty? To improve infrastructure so that they have better places to live? To provide legal counsel if they get arrested? To provide counseling to help people get jobs? It's easy to do symbolic things especially when it is just to disrespect the very symbol of the very freedom that you claim that you don't have.


                             Counter Points

oo late. Kap did make donations. And awareness is a huge thing because this country seems to love sweeping the dirty under the rug. So what's else.


Obviously you haven't been paying attention then. Kaepernick is donating $1 million+ towards those causes. Plus his jersey proceeds. Plus he bought $60k worth of school supplies for kids right here in NYC. so take several seats


               Deceptive Rebuttal


Good. Glad that Kap is doing that. Now he should get others aboard and use that avenue to make things right. Disrespecting the flag and national anthem does not bring change. Or even awareness. Everyone is aware that racism exists. Kap should have held a press conference outlining his plan of action from day one. Instead, this became a debacle about disrespect. It certainly helped fuel animosity against spoiled athletes that appear to be ungrateful to the country that made them rich.



If they don't take a stand against Injustice no one will do it for them, takes a real man to let American know that it's doing wrong towards people of color. Whatever Outlet a person of color is into they should Express their feelings to the people of America by civil disobedience, we can no longer afford to follow in the footsteps of our oppressors. The only thing to fear is fear itself, and I'm not afraid.


Taking a knee in youth sports indicates that someone on the field is hurt and in need of help. To take a knee during the anthem respects our Constitution while also saying that our country is hurting and needs help to recover. There is nothing disrespectful or shameful in saying that something in our country is broken and that it needs our help to fix it. I will continue to "take a knee" until injustice and racial inequality are mended.


                           Can Kneeling  Achieve The Stated Goal 


 the troops do fight for the citizens. They fight for his right to sit during the anthem if he so chooses, but the part where it's disrespectful is that they fight for his right to make millions just to play football. Is he sitting because he really wants to make a difference? If he wants to make a difference there are better and more productive ways to achieve that 


                                 Getting  Folks Attention



He is generating a ton of discussion in the whole country about racial injustice. Popular attention is a huge step to changing voting patterns and electing politicians that take steps towards eliminating police bias and holding murderer cops responsible. MLK could have been volunteering at a school or something when he gave the "I had a dream" speech. Does that mean he shouldn't have given the speech because it didn't accomplish anything?


Angel Marie Bridges Daniel Wood so I get it go back to our communities and talk among each other? That's a crazy statement and we're not having that bc we have future LEADERS that's coming up which are our Children who deserve to LIVE and FULFILL there purpose as your children has the privilege to do .... If u can't see injustice NOW u will never see it bc u decided to close your eyes to the truth and that means ur apart of the problem



The problem are those in denial. They deny importance to this issue, they deny acknowledgment to those who protest it. They'll even go as far as denying that the issue even exist.

You are part of that problem.

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kaepernick simple Sitting during Star spangled Banner
kaepernick simple Sitting during Star spangled Banner