Submitted by eventshappening on Mon, 10/17/2016 - 08:53
Emily Blunt couldn't keep it together during her 'World's Worst Escort' sketch on SNL

Emily Blunt is hardly the first host to break during a Saturday Night Live sketch but there's something very enjoyable about watching her failing to keep it together on last weekend's show. 

The Girl on the Train star participated in a sketch alongside cast member Leslie Jones where the duo played high class escorts with very unusual methods when it comes to role play.

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Said methods included Jones adopting the persona of Family Guy's Stewie (no, seriously) and Blunt playing a clumsy English maid with an outrageous catchphrase - "Oopsie doopsie, I muffed it up again!"

It was that very catchphrase that caused Blunt to break on not one but two occasions.