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convo with cosco Baton rouge shooter
Gavin Eugene Long the Baton Rouge police shooter

A disturbing portrait of the Baton Rouge gunman has since revealed itself in the online musings of  who prior to Sunday’s deadly ambush shooting which claimed the lives of three police officers and wounded three others, had kept an incoherent dossier of his beliefs, thoughts, commercial wares along with betraying signs of deep paranoia, mental illness and grandeur.

n a self described blog, Convos with cosmo (convoswithcosmo), Gavin Long used the platform where he made the theme of reconstitution of injustices against African Americans along with retaining one’s alpha male disposition as the prevailing dogma with readers.

Along with his blog, Long also maintained an avid social media presence, both on facebook, instagramtwitter and youtube, describing himself freedom strategist, mental game coach, nutritionist, author and spiritual advisor.’

Along with his political musings and calling for arms against (white) oppressors, Long’s blog linked to a portal where he also promoted the commercial side of his eco system, where he advertised his services as a life coach, nutritional guidance along with three self published ‘help- spiritual guidance’ books under the brand, ‘the Cosmo way.’

A regard of the Convos with Cosmo posts finds the shooter dedicating much of his ideas as to what it means to be an ‘alpha male.’