Track Field superstars that impressed in Rio

Submitted by eventshappening on Sun, 10/16/2016 - 01:18

Several of Track and Field’s superstars delivered spellbinding feats, including world record performances, at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. For many sporting fans, their performances were the highlight of the Olympic Games.  

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ESPN Scandals That Almost Brought Down The Sports Giant

Submitted by eventshappening on Fri, 10/14/2016 - 22:01

It’s one thing to hear a few rumors and look the other way. But, ESPN scandals have been going on for a long time. They often get overlooked and brushed under the rug. That is when there isn’t enough heat to force an executive to make a decision.

It depends on who is caught in the middle. Sometimes, it’s the executives themselves in on the action. Sometimes, it’s the biggest names in the industry. And sometimes, it’s just some poor innocent victim who had to put up with it all. You won’t believe what you’re about to see.

Smartphone app for event seekers launched by Facebook

Submitted by eventshappening on Sat, 10/08/2016 - 02:02

 Facebook on Friday released a mobile app for finding local happenings to enjoy with friends.

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The Events app tailored for iPhones hit Apple's online shop, with a version "coming soon" for smartphones powered by Google-backed Android software, Facebook product manager Aditya Koolwal said in on online post.

Jamie Baulch: Van Niekerk A More Impressive  Record than Usain Bolt’s

Submitted by eventshappening on Wed, 09/21/2016 - 03:21

The former British specialist believes a turning point has been reached for the 400m after Van Niekerk’s 43.03 world record

Olympic medallist and former world indoor 400m champion Jamie Baulch believes that Wayde van Niekerk’s world record-breaking run is better than the 100m and 200m records of Usain Bolt.

Colombia  Olympic medalist Yuberjen Martinez lays 1st brick of mother’s dream home

Submitted by eventshappening on Tue, 09/20/2016 - 12:52


Colombia boxer Yuberjen Martinez is now constructing the home for his mother he dreamed to earn in the Rio Olympics.

Using the same hands and perseverance that brought him the medal in

Rio Janiero, Brazil.

Reported drive by shooting of Dancehall Sing Jay was a Hoax

Submitted by eventshappening on Sat, 09/17/2016 - 18:49

There were  no drive-by shooting or any attempt to take the dancehall deejay Popcaan's life.

Reported shooting of Popcaan was hoax
Reported shooting of Jamaican Dancehall artiste  Popcaan was  a hoax

Popcaan photo from his video weed is my best friend

     kaepernick simple Sitting Denver's Marshall Today kneeling For injustice During the National Anthem 

Submitted by eventshappening on Fri, 09/09/2016 - 16:48

 Following Colin Kaepernick simple sitting  Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos today  taking a knee for injustice during the Star Spangled Banner  of the Thursday night football game.

The Broncos wide receiver drew fast reactions around Social media, both for and against.

Here are some excerpts below.

kudos to the Broncos organization, who released a statement saying they understand this is a personal issue and they take no issue with it.

 Kasi Bennett and Bolt are not engaged: Internet troll created the hoax, claims report

Submitted by eventshappening on Wed, 09/07/2016 - 23:50

After Usain Bolt stirred a controversy with his partying marathon accompanied by a bevy of ladies, the Jamaican sprinter put all rumours to rest with his recent Snapchat proposal. In a series of snaps and videos, the Jamaican sprinter seemed to announce to the world that he and his "first lady" Kasi Bennett are engaged.